Village Communities, Inc. Real Estate started in 1974 with 3 builders/developers with their real estate licenses and a burning desire to achieve great accomplishments in Jonesboro Arkansas. Candlewood Estates is the first of many subdivisions that resulted from this desire to see Jonesboro grow.

As time passed and customer needs warranted, the company evolved into a full service real estate agency with the added bonus of builders/developers being on board.

In 2003, Village Communities bought the Coldwell Banker Residential and Coldwell Banker Commercial franchises.The national franchise has helped the company grow to be one of the leading companies in Jonesboro year after year. Coldwell Banker Village Communities closed over 76 million in volume in 2011 and has already sold over 77 million in volume through October 2012 per MLS Broker Report making us the number one real estate company in Jonesboro. The Coldwell Banker franchise gives us opportunities and leads from all over the world.The brand is the trusted source of innovation real estate solutions creating exceptional experience for all we serve.

When asked about the most important accomplishments of the company - all three responses were almost identically...."continued growth'. Ray A. Kroc, founder of McDonald's Restaurant is famous for saying, "When you're green, you're growing, when you ripe you start to rot." That brings us to the core of our company, even though Village Communities has been in business for 38 years, and we consider ourselves a "seasoned" real estate agency...we are definitely GREEN and GROWING!